Currently simulating 2 active empires since October 1st, 2008.

The Fall

The Fall is a browser-based game where you create a planet and develop it to your liking. Protect and support your people as well as your world, and you people will reward you with taxes and support. Fail, and the consequences will be dire. If you manage your people and your planet properly, you may grow to become the largest player on the galactic seen. Be careful, your planet is not the only one trying to accomplish that feat, there are many others just like you with similar, even sinister ambitions. They may be willing to wage a full out galactic war, to scathy political dealings to try and destroy you. Join an alliance of worlds like yours to support and be supported all the way up through the galactic chain to become a reckonable force, or fly it solo and take orders from no one. However you grow your planet, from war to politics, to trade and diplomacy, remember one thing: The Galaxy is yours for the taking!
Good luck!